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Science-y rant...don't mind me!

I seem to have a problem

I keep trying to think of ideas to do for my research next semester and read the new Harry Potter book at the same time.  Harry's winning so far.  I'm planning on meeting with my mentor and her husband this Friday and I still have no real original ideas.  This sort of worries me but I'm not sure what they expect of me.  I don't want to say they don't expect a lot from me but I guess I'm not sure how much to give...if that makes sense.

I"m interested in the subject matter but I'm not sure what area I want to explore.  What would you want to know most about bacteria that is only capable of living in extremely salty areas?  I sort of want to try my hand at a gene knockout, since I've never tried one before and think that, even if I fail at my attempt, it would be something I could learn from and write about easily.  
But what gene to knockout?  Hmm...
I'd like to explore aerobic and anaerobic respiration...the purple membrane gene, the gas vesicles...hmm...so where to begin?!


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Jul. 22nd, 2007 07:35 am (UTC)
It sounds like you have a lot of ideas! I remember the frustration of selecting a research topic myself. Since you are going to meet with your advisor soon, just write down what you wrote here and tell her that you are having trouble narrowing down to a precise topic and ask her for advice. I'm assuming she's worked with you before, so she knows your abilities and knows what kind of project would be best suited to the lab and time constraints that you have. And if nothing else, she'll be able to point you in the direction of literature that will help you to understand the projects you are considering so you can make a better informed decision.
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