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Again? 8 in a row, right?  I'm beginning to feel happy that I have to miss all of these games.  I'm hardly at home anymore so I get to miss the carnage.

Taking LJ's topic: How well do you know your neighbors?  Well that's funny because my dad and I were just talking about them today.  After 21 years of living here, I do not know them at all but somehow know all of their business...or concocted some stories that might be their business.  I'm convinced the females that live on either side of us have a thing for my dad.  My mom thinks my one neighbor looks like Benjamin Bratt even though he doesn't...at all...looks more like a creep.  The creepy man's mother, who lives with him, has a dog.  A screaming and yippy dog that I would like to shoot because they left it outside on the deck at 11:30 last night and it would not stop barking.  My sister wants to call Animal Control but I would like to take a BBgun and shoot it instead.  
Why do I always opt for violence?

I found out at work today that I need to move far away.  I was talking to my friend's daughter who goes to East Carolina University...I think and I mentioned that I went to Towson Catholic.  She told me her roommate went to TC and alarms went off in my head.  Her roommate is Brittney Gregory.  Although I don't think I ever spoke to her, I was still amazed at how these goddamn connections keep forming.  How could such a small school lead to so many networks?

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